Sell the Results, Not the Tools

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Sell the Results, Not the Tools

Take a step back from keyword research to find that one dentist looking for an Adwords expert and think about what your clients actually want.

We (unfortunately) see emails go out every day that say things that don’t trigger the pain in their readers. Like:

Increase your site traffic
Rank for more relevant keywords
Find more customers on Facebook
None of these value propositions will get responses. Why?

They’re selling a widget, not a solution.

You know that (good) site traffic will likely lead to more clients, but your targets may not.

Keywords are the way to get that traffic, but it’s not widely known. Facebook ads are a great way to find new business… you get the point.

How about a few of these (using dentists again).

Need clients for your new practice?
Want to open up a second office?
Having trouble attracting talent to your location?

All common problems of dentists, spoken in plain English. These, among other things are great questions to move toward getting a response from your cold outreach.

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