Virtual Reality Services

A premium virtual reality specialist organization MAP Systems houses an outstandingly gifted craftsman and experts who can achieve any difficult and complex undertaking with enormous polished methodology and finish brightness. With VR being grasped by all ventures around the world, our ambit of administrations envelops each applicable, thinkable arrangement.

VR in least complex of words is a PC created three dimensional condition which you can investigate and collaborate with. You in certainty change to be a piece of virtual world where you can control questions and play out specific activities. We have built up a solid procedure for VR after generation. The significance of process is fundamental for VR render times are long and venture turnarounds very short.

Advantages of virtual reality

There are consistent advantages profited by this astounding innovation. Organizations are offered with an incredible chance to educate, train, include, impassion and initiate clients by affecting them stunningly. Key favorable circumstances are add up to drenching, arrangement of feeling of scale and additionally more and better remembering, creative narrating capacities and quick prototyping. It is additionally a fantastic inspiration instrument.

Virtual Reality Solutions by MAP Systems

Guide Systems gives finish range of immersive, semi – immersive and non-immersive VR arrangements which incorporate

VR Experience

Intelligent Virtual Tours


Window on world

Video Mapping

3D VR Showroom

Preparing Utilities

Businesses in which we serve

Our customer base surpasses to various topographical areas and we take pride in being a piece of numerous renowned works. Concerning VR we have worked with different virtual reality applications and VR content generation inside diverse specialties among which couple of noticeable ones are hidden

Virtual reality for Architecture

Structures and a few organizations may require business condition virtual visits. Training for recently joined representatives and in addition to get 360° view for the item and so on needs VR. It additionally fills in as a cost-cutting device as various models can be tried without genuine advancement. This can be an incredible favorable position for business land engineers who can show to their prospects the entire property even before a stone is laid. Our group is outfitted with all the essential ranges of abilities to give 3d 360 creations and intuitive compositional perception of business and private properties.

Virtual reality for Military

VR can be of fluctuated applications in military and guard, particularly in the event of preparing. A few circumstances can be virtually made and troopers can be prepared to balance that without taking a chance with their lives or enduring any genuine wounds. We have a different group devoted in giving Interactive VR encounter, formation of preparing and support activitys. Our aptitude incorporates imagining and interfacing with flying machine, giving a VR situation indistinguishable to that within the full-scale physical mockups. Utilizing it, physical association encounter is effectively conceivable. Moving parts into and out of their introduced positions, stretching around snags, et cetera should be possible.

A few helpful utilizations of this ability incorporate flight deck outline, practicality/availability confirmation, get together arranging, upkeep preparing, and making of support preparing activitys.

Virtual reality for Education and Training

Educating and related learning situations get another existence with VR. Greater gatherings of understudies can commonly communicate inside a 3D situation. In building and other specialized subjects, thoughts can be all the more accurately transported. With the goal that VR causes them to pick up the involvement in undertaking that would have been hard to learn. Our organization comprehended its significance for preparing and advancement and help give Interactive VR encounter, 360° all encompassing recordings, preparing recordings, and everything identified with VR that the training area may ever require.

Virtual reality for Healthcare

Social insurance industry has hugely profited. Fear treatment, psychological instability mitigation, surgery reenactment, aptitudes improvement projects, preparing and numerous different errands are presently less demanding and less tedious. Security levels are additionally expanded and more arrangements for training are given. VR is being utilized to prepare individuals in medicinal services industry that incorporate restorative preparing, tolerant preparing, and additionally therapeutic promoting and so on. We have practical experience in human services reenactment models. Likewise read a portion of the upsides of VR reenactment.

Virtual reality for Entertainment and Films

In this aggressive market, making individuals to incline toward your item or brand is turning into a massive errand. It’s tied in with alluring and charging the prospects. In the event that utilized ideally can help in that. Other stimulation regions in which VR discovers applications are gaming, amusement parks, craftsmanship displays and theaters and so on. We give finish 360 immersive gaming encounters and significantly more.

VR has lighted for inventive considerations in film industry and in the meantime made numerous innovative thoughts genuine. It has raised the extent of recreational delight that can be advertised. Past and future can be effortlessly tricked with it, with no impediments. Our specialty lies in giving activity Videos and Immersive VR encounter.

VR for Marketing

Utilizing virtual reality for showcasing is a more shrewd move to make. Advertising is a vital field for VR and AR. Significant Motion illustrations motion pictures like The Avengers, Star Wars, Insurgent, Jurassic World, and so forth. Period of Lurton, and more others have discharged VR encounters to produce intrigue, fervor, and a solid memory related with the brand.

Furthermore, in a more sense, associations likewise like The New York Times have utilized marked Google Cardboard to either make item mindfulness or straight up offer promotions. The entire showcasing situation had turned out to be dynamic and changed radically with the development of VR.


In retail, expanded and virtual reality can be utilized as a part of ways that assistance organizations move clients through the buy channel. There are tremendous advantages of vr in business. For instance, AR application ModiFace gives what it called a Mirror – basically they can investigate a tablet and utilize the application to eye shading change, cosmetics and so forth. The insane thing is it looks truly genuine. Consider it like this current: It’s a great deal less demanding to burn through cash on a costly lipstick when you know it will look great on you. They additionally have different applications that let you attempt hair shading, nail hues, or wedding dresses.

On the virtual reality side, Marxent Labs cooperated with Lowe’s Home Improvement to make an application that gives clients a chance to outline a kitchen or washroom, and in specific stores, they can utilize an Oculus Rift DK2 to see a VR rendering of the plan. They can even view the outline at home utilizing 360 video and Google Cardboard. Once more, perception is a region of quality for VR. Helping clients coordinate deck, installations, cabinetry, and lighting could enable them to go to a choice speedier, and after that purchase each one of those materials at Lowe’s, for instance.

VR for Travel

Getting the opportunity to visit an area in virtual reality could enable potential voyagers to settle on choices like where they need to visit, or even which lodging they need to book. Past that, organizations like Marriott are making sense of how to utilize VR. A year ago, the lodging network made a VR encounter that let clients ‘transport’ to either a Hawaiian shoreline or the highest point of a high rise in London, and additionally the rooms of Marriotts in those areas.

All the more as of late, Marriott has been trying out VRoom Service. Visitors remaining at particular areas could have a GearVR conveyed to their rooms to see VR postcards from places like Chile, Rwanda, and Beijing. This something they would have extremely valued. Likewise consider Google’s enlarged reality application Wordlens. It lets client’s points their cell phones at signs and consequently interpret them, straightforwardly on the sign, which could be extremely helpful for worldwide business explorers. In the event that you can ace the tips to make virtual reality more practical, your business can without a doubt be colossally profited.

Our master group can help you with inventive 360 degree all encompassing virtual visits that move, engage your clients previously, after their movements.

Virtual reality for Engineering and Scientific Visualization

In building, VR discovers applications in outlining forms utilizing 3D displaying apparatuses and the related representation systems. With it, architects can see the venture in 3D to comprehend in insight about the working strategies. Likewise any sorts of dangers or defects can be recognized and redressed before its usage. We offer finish 3d reenactment and preparing liveliness recordings for building, fabricating, car ventures and some more.

With logical Visualization, dynamic ideas can be discussed to gathering of people with greater lucidity; they can even cooperate with pictures. Exhibit of complex thoughts or strategies is no more a major ordeal. Our group gives intelligent perception to complex science related activities.

VR for Fashion

Mold world can be exhibited with same level of appeal with virtual form stores and you will feel as though you are seeing the genuine ones. Likewise with virtual 3D models, outlining can be a casual assignment. It likewise assists with mold shows and 3D portfolios. Our group can serve you with everything required with VR in design space.

Advantages of outsourcing to us

We ensure amazing VR experience to fill your correct need

Items produced are authentic, sensible and conveying

Snappiest turnaround time is guaranteed as we are all around arranged and very creative

Our virtual reality organization is invigorated with complex advancements and sound foundation

We offer finish virtual reality content creation encounter and in addition enlarged reality administrations to clients over the globe, I